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Pars or Better Golf Academy offers a variety of programming packages designed for golf game improvement. Provides 1, 2, & 3 day golf specific training to develop and improve your total game; including full swing, short game, on-course mental game, and game management. Golf & Accommodations are included in Multi-day programming. 

When attending, students can be assured that the teaching methodologies have been road-tested and proven to have effectively assisted thousands of golfers improve their game.

Our Instruction Promise ensures that each teaching pro will:

Develop a game plan that will use player's strengths while focusing on areas that need improvement and build confidence.

Use state-of-the-art technology to accelerate the learning curve. 

Teach ball flight laws and correct mechanics, which are the building blocks for successful putting, chipping, pitching and driving.

Ensure proper club fitting for long-term improvement and enjoyment.

Full Day & Half day Options (1,2,or, 3 Days) 

Example Half Day Agenda:

8am-9am: Breakfast

9am-10am: Full Swing Evaluation 

10am-11am Full Swing Instruction

11am-12pm: Short game Instruction

Example Full Day Agenda:

8am-9am: Breakfast

9am-10am: Interview and Evaluation

10am-11am: Video and Swing Analysis

11am-12pm: Full Swing Instruction

12pm-1pm: Lunch

1pm-2pm: Short Game Instruction

2pm-4pm: On-Course Instruction