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Junior & Beginner Groups

Our group lesson program embraces these 3 important factors, SKILL, FUN, and STORY of golf that encourages your child to perform better, get motivated and build personalities. Intended to teach the young boys and girls values that carry over into daily life like responsibility, honesty, integrity, confidence, and respect for others. We teach students to never say the word "CAN'T" which means: "Convinced At Not Trying" 

Introduction to Golf Series

This five-hour introductory course will provide new students with a basic overview to the game of golf. At the conclusion of the series, each student will be prepared to play their first three or more holes of golf. Clinic size will be limited to four students to ensure an optimum instructor to student ratio. Two separate classes will be forming every month and offered on two separate days. Each class meets once per week over five consecutive weeks: The cost for this series is $180 per student. Payment must be in advance.

This beginner’s series will cover the following fundamentals:  

  • Week # 1 Grip / Stance / Posture / Putting Fundamentals (Aim and Alignment)
  • Week # 2 The Short Game (Chipping, Pitching: 10, 20, and 30yds)
  • Week # 3 The Full Swing and the Long Game (Basic Rules and Etiquette)

  • Week # 4 How to Practice (Pre-Shot Routine)

  • Week # 5 On the course (par 3, 4, 5)

Select Private Lessons

Two-Month Individual Program is for the player who is committed to dramatically improving his / her golf game. This program includes visual swing characteristics, and club fitting analysis. Through this program and at the conclusion; the individual will be ready to successfully manage a round of golf and amaze their friends. Six (6) - sixty minute sessions or Nine (9) - forty minute sessions may be schedule each month. Unused lessons do not carry forward. The cost is $350 per month and requires a two-month commitment. All Payment must be in advance.