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Policies and Procedures:

The following are the Policies and Procedures regarding any lesson(s) or lesson(s) packages purchased directly from me:


     1) Issues beyond my control will not be grounds for refunds, such as Range Closure, and health.

     2) Unless I decide not to continue there are no refunds, if I decide not to continue, I will issue, to the best of my ability, a pro-rated refund for those lesson(s) / lesson(s) packages purchased directly from me.

     3) While every effort will be made to comply with requested scheduling days and times, however due to issues regarding weather, health and prior scheduling, there is no guarantee that I will be able to do so, thus scheduling issues are not ground for refunds.


I believe that I have one of the most lenient cancelation/reschedule policies in the region: to cancel or reschedule:

      1) You must contact me no later than 4 hours prior to your lesson (or before 6AM the day of your lesson if your lesson is one of the 1st 2 lessons of the day, to cancel or reschedule, or if you are going to be late.

      2) There is a 20-minute time window in which after 20 minutes the lesson will be charged off, even if you show up and complete the rest of the lesson.

     3) Understand that you are given 2 email remainders of the lesson scheduled, one 24 hours in advanced and the other 2 hours in advance. Therefore, if you do not show up for your lesson you will be charged for the missed lesson.

     4) If you have a lesson package with me, the missed lesson will be charged off the remaining lessons of that package

                    A) If you are annual (or 90 day) package holder, there will be a missed lesson fee. For Private lesson holders the fee will be $50, for Semi-Private the fee will be $35.

                    B) If you miss a lesson without any contact, I will send you an email inquiring as to the reason for the missed lesson, if the reason is sufficient enough I may not charge off the lesson, however this is at my discretion, otherwise there are no exceptions.

Rain Policy:

     1) On the night before the lesson, I will check the weather forecast and if the forecast is for 50% or greater chance of rain, I will email you and give you the option to keep the scheduled lesson, reschedule the scheduled lesson or cancel it. 

     2) If I wake up on the day in question and it is raining, with no possibility of letting up (in Ewa Beach) or there is a 75% chance of rain, I will cancel all lessons for the day. 

     3) If there is a high possibility of rain for the day, and the client knowing this still maintains their schedule request, if it starts to rain thus preventing the lesson from occurring and they do not cancel / reschedule the lesson, in a timely manner, requiring me to remain at the driving range in an attempt to give the client their lesson, there is a $50 ($35 for Juniors) rain fee accessed, and no additional lesson(s) may be scheduled until the fee is paid.

     4) If I go to the range to give lessons (and am able to do so in the morning), but it starts to rain, I will cancel the remaining lessons. 

     5) With all this in mind, please (if you have not done so already) provide me a phone number that will accept texts.